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OPGW Splicing Box

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The OPGW Splicing Box is a versatile and reliable enclosure used in telecommunications and fibre optic networks for housing and protecting spliced fibre optic cables. It is designed to provide a secure and weather-resistant environment for the splicing and management of fibre optic connections. The OPGW Splicing Box features a rugged construction and incorporates various components to facilitate cable management and ensure the integrity of the fibre optic splices.

Part No. OPGW Conductor Style
1.11-0010 24
1.11-0020 48
1.11-0030 72
1.11-0040 96
1.11-0050 144


  • Enclosure: The splicing box consists of a sturdy enclosure made of high-quality materials, such as ruggedised plastic or metal. The box provides protection against environmental elements, such as moisture, dust, and UV radiation.
  • Splice Trays: Inside the box, there are splice trays or modules that hold and organise the fibre optic splices. These trays typically have designated slots or holders to hold fusion or mechanical splices securely, protecting them from damage or movement.
  • Cable Entry and Sealing: The splicing box is designed with multiple cable entry points, typically through rubber grommets or glands, to allow fibre optic cables to enter the enclosure. These entry points are sealed to maintain the environmental integrity of the enclosure and prevent moisture or dust ingress.
  • Cable Management: The splicing box includes features for managing and organising fibre optic cables within the enclosure. These may include cable routing guides, tie-downs, or clamps to ensure proper cable management and strain relief.