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ADSS Suspension Set

Transmission - OPGW & ADSS Fittings - ADSS - ADSS Suspension Set

ADSS Suspension Set is a type of suspension hardware used in overhead powerline installations to provide reliable support and tensioning for the conductors. It is designed to withstand the mechanical stresses and environmental conditions encountered in transmission and distribution systems. The OPGW Suspension Set hardware consists of several key components, including a suspension insulator, a preformed rod, armour rods, a housing or clamp, and associated hardware.

Part No. Conductor Range (mm)
1.11-4010*L*R 10.0-11.0
1.11-4020*L*R 11.0-12.0
1.11-4030*L*R 12.0-13.0
1.11-4040*L*R 13.0-14.0
1.11-4050*L*R 14.0-15.0
1.11-4060*L*R 15.0-16.0
1.11-4070*L*R 16.0-17.0
1.11-4080*L*R 17.0-18.0
1.11-4090*L*R 18.0-19.0
1.11-4100*L*R 19.0-20.0

Note: L or R Denotes Right or Left hand lay.