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Summit Power Assemblies for the Ausgrid Energy Network have been put together using the Ausgrid Energy Construction Standards.

All items supplied in our Assemblies are from the Ausgrid Energy Approved Material List.

Summit Power Assemblies include all items necessary for building constructions on the Ausgrid Energy Network.

Our Assemblies have been developed using the Ausgrid Energy Construction Standards. Continually striving to improve our systems we have utilised feedback from workers in the field to make our assemblies most efficient and effective way of supplying hardware to contractors to meet their projects needs.

Summit Power assemblies take into consideration project specific information and are designed to include all variables such as Pole Size & Type, Conductor Type, Connections, Terminations & Circuit Information.
Ausgrid Assemblies - Bare High Voltage Assemblies
Construction Type
Drawing No/Summit Ref.
Construction Description
Const 2-1 513909 11kV Horizontal Pin Assy
Const 2-2  513910 11kV Horizontal Pin Assy
Const 2-5 513912 11kV Small Delta  Assy
Const 2-6 520222 11kV Delta  Assy
Const 2-7 513913 11kV Large Delta  Assy 
Const 2-10 513914 11kV Termination Assy
Const 2-11 513915 11kV Through Termination Assy
Const 2-12 513916 11kV Corner Pole Termination Assy
Const 2-14 513917 11kV Small Delta With Tee Off
Const 2-30 513919 11kV Large Through Delta Termination Assy
Const 2-31 513943 11kV Large Delta Corner Assy
Const 2-38 520410 11kV Large Delta With Tee Off Assy
Const 2-240 183907 11kV Vertical Assy
Const 2-200 183908 11kV Vertical Delta Assy