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Overhead Connections

Summit Power stocks many various Overhead Hardware Items for use on the Essential Energy Network.

Some of these items include Dead Ends, Armour Rods, Distribution Ties, Clamps, Suspension Units, Brackets, Insulators & Crossarms.

All Overhead Hardware items supplied for use on the Essential Energy Network are specified by the Essential Energy Network Construction Standards and Approved Material List.
Essential Energy - Overhead Hardware: Overhead Connections
Summit No.
Essential Energy No.
Box Qty
SF17292150 292150 PG Clamp 7/1.75 - 7/4.50 2 Bolt Al 1
SF17291971 291971 PG Clamp 7/2.50 - 19/3.75 2 Bolt Al 1
SF17292690 292690 Split Bolt Connector B22 Tinned (Type A) 1
SF17292720 292720 Split Bolt Connector B24 Tinned (Type B) 1
SF17292730 292730 Split Bolt Connector B25 Tinned (Type C) 1
SF17292750 292750 Split Bolt Connector B26 Tinned (Type D) 1
SF17292780 292780 Split Bolt Connector B28 Tinned (Type E) 1
SF17222962 222962 D-Loop Type Stirrup - Copper C/W 4 x B24 Split Bolts 1
SF17222970 222970 D-Loop Type Stirrup - Galvanised C/W 4 x B24 Split Bolts 1
SF17290866 290866 Live Line Clamp Stirrup Al 2-Bolt Type 1
SF17292810 292810 Live Line Clamp SS Stirrup Cross Pin Type 1
SF17292005 292005 Live Line Clamp M12 Spindle C/W Bolt 1